About Me

Name : Shumaila Jaffer
Age : 23
Profession : Student – Chartered Accountant – Auditor
Horoscope: Aquarius
Characteristic : Impulsive, Stubborn ,  Adventurous
Passions : Sky diving (to-do-list)
Favorite Sports : Specially Water Sports , snorkeling , scuba diving , deep-sea walk ,  , para-selling, jet ski …
Favourite TV-shows : Vampire Diaries , Gossip Girls
Shopping Spree :  Makeup , Clothes , perfumes , Cell phones , Laptops, Softwares …
Favourite brand : Gucci , MAC , Chanel , Bath & body works, Dior , Forever 21 ❤

I am Shumaila Jaffer from Karachi pursuing Chartered Accountancy and associated with Ernst & Youngs for last 6 years a well renowed Audit Firm Globally.

Being an Auditor in Big 4’s makes ur life a hell where u get no time for your self or for your family. What u have to do this go to office in the morning and comes back at no fixed timings … like 9am-12pm at time …. yes its that hectic …

I am not a Professional Writer or makeup artist but recently have been inspired by making girls who are doing great job in blogging and my cousin she kept asking me for ages to start writing one of my own blog(she is so sweet) but I never got time to go along with writing but now finally I want to give it a try ….  *hopes* it goes well.

I used to love makeup since i was 12 or may be even younger but then i quit make-upping .. yes i quitted and for years i dint do any makeup yet i continue buying some basic makeup …Then my passion shifted to nail art …. when i got attracted to nail art there was hardly any good salon available in karachi, yes go back in past 5-6 years, u could not get any nail art product and i could only see nail art on internet … there i came across online shopping and made my ist online purchase from bf-beauty.com and bought some nail pens, brushes and dotting tools and there i started my nail art 🙂

I am Shopaholic and unlike many beauty bloggers i don’t buy makeup and clothes only. i love spending on cell phones & Love collecting cell phones. The pity with me is i don’t sell them off :/ i have collection of cell phone’s also and my friedn says that i can open used-phone selling shop 😉

As, my passion for makeup is revived again so now all i could think about is buying new makeup. and will Love to Review them.

I am also into DIY [do it yourself] things these days like making creme blushes, lip glosses, lip balm, exfoliating scrub, BB creme etc etc.

and my personal thought is I suck at writing, so bear with me 🙂 let’s see how well it goes … I’m still new at this so I hope I don’t do too badly *finger crossed* but would Love to call my self a Beauty Blogger 🙂

– See more at: http://www.beautyredefine.com/p/about-me.html#sthash.bKlwqQhh.dpuf


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