Exclusive Spa Day at Essie – Bloggers Event

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Hey Girls

What is a blogger who doesn’t like attending blogger meetups!!  Attending such meetups is not just very refreshing but also I get to meet my lovely fellow bloggers which is always so exciting me. I was really oveewhelmed when i received invite from Essie Nail Polish Pakistan (Essie is a recent Launched international brand) to attend bloggers meetup at Mint Beauty Solutions.


We were asked to book our appointment in advance to avoid any inconvenience. They warmly welcomed me on arrival even though i was a little late (did A girl ever reach on time for a party 😉 )

Immediately i was taken  to a tastefully decorated spa room designated for menicure and pedicure. It was a really spacious room where 4 people could be given pedicure treatment simultaneously.

On each work station they had 2 girls who would take care of you: one for manicure and one for pedicure. The girl doing my manicure was Maria and she was excellent at her job. I believe that in real manicure and pedicure are all about removing cuticles and dead skin because scrubbing n massaging can be done by any one. She perfectly shaepd my nails and removed cuticles. Reema attended to my pedicure. She was also very good at her job and removed cuticles and dead skin without hurting me.

In-between the whole process we were  served refreshments and tea etc.During the manicure and pedicure my hands and feet were immersed in jasmine infused warm water (yes real flowers too). To make the whole experience more mesmerising a third lady joined to give warm shoulder and head massage while the two ladies Reema and Maria were massaging my hands and scrubbing my feet. The whole process was so relaxing that any one could fall asleep.

Another amazing thing was the hygiene. I really appreciate how they used new and properly sterilized tools on everyone. Every corner of the room was clean and and ambience overall was very soothing.

In the end they see us off with a gift hamper which is personal Manicure / Pedicure set 🙂 

Overall, this was the best manicure and pedicure experience I have had and I would rate this salon as a benchmark standard for the salons in Pakistan and I Can undoubtedly say that i have found my to go place now 🙂

Did you like the Ambiance of this Salon ? Will you visit it ? 
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23 thoughts on “Exclusive Spa Day at Essie – Bloggers Event

  1. aww, that was such a great event! i hope i can attend such an event some day! and i didnt know essie has a spa line. always thought they're such a nail polish brand.


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