My Summer Essentials

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Hellow Lovelies,

Sorry for being MIA for so long there are so many things i was busy with but now i am back and this time instead of sharing any review or haul post i would like to share my summer routines 🙂

With the current heat wave through out the city and our proximity to the ocean, doing makeup for parties and weddings is a difficult task. With the city heating up like an oven and the high humidity to go with, my today’s post will cover on to what to eat, what to drink and what makeup to use.

What to Eat and Drink – Eat light, avoid oily, fried, heavy food. Green vegetables are the best. Have some curd with meals. Butter milk, fruit juices, lassi etc will help. Use mint and coriander in all sorts of garnishings. Virgin Mojito (Lemon juice, corinder leaves, sweet soda and Ice) is my flavour for the season. Keeping yourself hydrated at all times will keep your skin glowing and you fit in this mean summer.

Summer Makeup can be a hard thing to do. Not only because it can feel all sweaty and make your skin suffocate but also because t can look messy after a while. Wash your face with fat/oil free soap / facewash before application. You can also use aloe-vera leaves, break them and use the gel to wash your face. This will lighten your face and free it of oils. Just like we wear light clothes, the skin needs to feel light. Use non-oil based primers instead of foundations. They feel lighter and also prevent the makeup from becoming a mess in the humid summer my to-go summer foundation is Essence Mousse Foundation.

Substitute foundation with a oil-free tinted moisturizer. Incase you are going to an event where there will lots of photographs (like wedding) a foundation is necessary. In such a case you can use a non-oil based foundation like Maybelline Dream Liquid Makeup. The key here is to use bright coloured foundation without oil and in less quantity.

Use water proof mascasra’s and pencil based liners to keep your eye makeup in place during the summer. All sorts of gel based makeup perform better in sweaty humid summers than powder based makeup’s which contain oil. Use blotting paper to absorb oil ans sweat on the face at regular intervals. Also store your makeup in fridge. It feels pleasent to use and prevents formulations from going bad.

That’s all i have for now. What’s you summer essentials ? what’s your makeup routine ? Share in the comments below.



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