Essence Nail Art Tattoo Pen | Review & Swatches

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Hello lovelies,
The sun is out in full glory and Karachi is heating up like an oven. Damn, I hate this so much!
Being a crazy Nail Art freak, I love the Sally Hansen’s Nail Pens but the sadly the Black pen is always out of stock and when my previous pen dried up i had to look for an alternate. I searched and found Essence Nail Art Tattoo Pen and decided to give it a try. So, Let’s get to the review part to know if it could replace the Sally Hansen Nail Pen for me or not.
Product Description:
Tattoo artist for your nails! Here comes the ideal nail art product for artistic and creative nail styles! The black nail polish pen with a thin tip guarantees an accurate application for elaborate and intricate designs. Simply paint the desired work of art on your nails and then seal the water-based texture with a top coat. 

Nail art using Essence Nail Art Tattoo Pen


The nail art pen is exactly what it sounds like – an actual pen with a very thin and pointy tip. This pen has a really fine tip Compare to Sally Hansen’s Pen. It’s really easy to create non-messy and neat design on your nails with this one.

This is an absolutely awesome pen and am in love with it. If you are into nail art and you like interactive design, dots, swirl small lines, flowers, etc. this pen is going to be your best friend. This will save you a lot of time and hassle of using brushes and nail paints. These pens are fantastic and are really easy to use: like using any normal pen or pencil to draw on paper.

Unlike, the Sally Hansen pen the ink is not at all runny,  so you don’t have to worry about your favorite design getting spoiled due to shaking of hands.
The color is also super-opaque, which is a huge plus. It’s super easy to draw simply anything on your nails with this pen and it also dries super quickly on your nails.

These pens are also easily available everywhere on Essence counter and its Priced only 450 PKR that is 4.5 USD
Lately Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens were one of my Favorite and most Wanted Nail Art pen because of unavailability of Alternates But now after trying this pen I just can’t imagine doing my nail do without it 🙂 and now these are my absolute favorites for doing nails 🙂


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