A memorable day – snorkeling and cliff diving


Hello gorgeous ladies

Today’s post is very different from the usual stuff I post here, something which is not related. Yes, it’s not about fashion or makeup or DIY, today I will be sharing with you my experience of fighting my worst fear, the fear of depth, the fear of ocean!

I went for snorkeling last Sunday. Though love water, I am Thalassophobic, always scared of diving in deep sea because I don’t know how to swim, yet I love water sports to core 🙂

I have tried a few water sports in Thailand, at Kho Larn islands off the coast of Pattaya, like deep sea water walk, banana boating etc. I even had a ride on a boat knowing there are huge and giant sharks down below in the water, but the boat was all so well equipped that there was no chances and risk.This time decided to go try cliff jumping and snorkeling that too in Pakistan, where they do it without much technical equipment. 

I went with a friend who knew swimming. We went with a group which organizes these activities. We gathered at the spot at 7:15am. There were 51 people in the group including kids (yeah that was surprise to me).

We got inside the bus and started our ride to “Mubarak village” from where we were supposed to ride on boats. It was 1 hour drive to that village. After reaching the village, the instructors guided us on what to do and what not!

We left our bags, camera and stuff inside buses and we got into boats, there were 3 boats which were to drop us to middle of the ocean and from where all were shifted to one big boat and after 1 hour boat ride we reached “churna island”.

Now we had to jump and I was hell scared, I was even hesitant to get inside the water. Every one was so comfortable playing in water and jumping off the cliffs. I was now in two minds !! My friend pushed me and took me into water. There were ropes tied around the cliff by the instructors so that even those who could not swim can snorkel. But OMG, I panicked so much, I could not keep my balance and felt I will drown in the water!! (Even though I was wearing life jacket). The instructors gave me tips and made efforts to calm me down. After about 5-10 minutes I was relaxed and started moving around holding ropes and started to snorkel. It was a coral island … And it was so beautiful.. I saw a mermerizing underwater life, beautiful jelly fishes as well as many multi-colored fishes. 

Moving around we reached the cliff from where we were supposed to jump. I really wanted to jump but could not overcome my fear. I reached the edge of cliff twice to jump but could not gather enough courage. Finally i didn’t jump and got off the cliff.

We did some underwater photography, and then suddenly from nowhere high tides started coming in. They were really giant waves and they were raising higher by the minute. The ocean was getting ruthless and it was getting impossible to move forward even after holding ropes.

We were getting imbalanced even in life jackets. Then the instructors came and dragged everyone along who could not swim. I could not see anything anymore. My glasses were foggy inside and there was water inside my nose, ears and mouth. Somehow I managed to reach to the boat, it was such a struggle.

Every part of my body was aching and on top of it there was heavy ocean wind making me cold. I was literally shivering as the water was extremely cold and there was chillness down my spine. Everyone just wrapped themselves up to be warm. Again we took boat ride of an hour and reached Mubarak village, where we all changed into dry clothes and freshened up. Then we had our lunch and returned back to the place where we had all gathered in the morning. 

Almost every one fell asleep on the way back as we were all tiered. Me and my friend kept chatting with the crew.

It was a memorable trip !

Next, I am planning to do scuba diving which even non-swimmers can do !!






Have you tried Snorkeling ? Do you fear water ? Share your thoughts and opinions 🙂


48 thoughts on “A memorable day – snorkeling and cliff diving

  1. Wow, I love water although don't know swimming, ill surely jump off the cliff, as I love over coming my fear of jumping from height, do share the name of this club… Thanks for sharing dear

  2. Woho enjoying photos .. I didnt knew we can do this in pakistan i av experienced it in barcelona am a big water lover from my childhod do let me know where exactly the place is ?

  3. I loved ur review..
    my fiance went with our few friends yesterday and he had a awesome experience. It seems scary but i really want to do.. I dont know if i can really do this though i love water…

  4. wow!!! it looks like a great trip and experience!!! I’ve only done snorkelling once and I was so scare hahahaha! I’m not very a water sports person haha! you are very brave! big hugs ❤

  5. omg that's so brave! i. wish i can do cliff jumping… though i can swim but i dont dare to jump! the last time i. jump frm a huge cruise it acare hell of me! gig

  6. Absolutely seductive and breath-taking ❤ Lovin' your under-water photos and -Fishes- .... I never knew we can do this in Pakistan as well and oh yeah!! I must say you are sucha brave soul xx

  7. How beautiful! I've always been curious about snorkeling and it's fascinating to see the little creatures in the deep. I definitely need to learn how to swim first before I can brave it hehe xx


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