Guest Post – Nail Art Tutorial

Brief introduction:

Hey i am Emaan Sohail and i have recently completed my studies and i share the same passion as you all that is of makeup. I love makeup and shopping and nailart. I hope to a make a blog of my own one day.

Hello my beautiful ladies!This is my first guest post for Shumaila. It all started a few days back when i asked her if i can write her a guest post as i wanted to share my ideas so thank you Shumaila for giving me this platform 😀

I love having my nail well painted and designed because it shows that I take care of myself and I am not afraid to show it! I like women that have a good look that says’ I enjoy looking after myself’ and to be honest I don’t understand how some women can spend months and maybe years without putting a nail polish on! I mean, that’s the fun of being a woman!

Today, I have a new design for you all, and the good thing is that it only needs to follow 5 simple steps to achieve it! It is super easy and looks like its being done professionally. I know that not many like to spend money on beauty salon and I am one of them. I have done my nails professionally only once and that was for a special occasions and I don’t think I will ever do it again! Partially because they only messed with my nails and the outcome was disaster! I enjoy more learning through picture tutorials and doing them as I please on my free time. 

For this nail design you will need only two nail polish and that is beige and black. Maybe you can choose different colours but I like this one because it is eye-catching and very unique. Also you will need small stripes of tale so you can make the lines straight or if you are good at it and you like to do the lines by hand with small brush you can! Bug don’t complain if it doesn’t come out very straight. Tape is super cheap and you will need very little for this nail design. Follow the picture tutorial and you will achieve this gorgeous look in only few minutes!
Beautiful Nail Design in Only 5 Steps

29 thoughts on “Guest Post – Nail Art Tutorial

  1. This is a great design! I've never been able to do much more than a solid coat of colour on my nails! I admire that you can create such a pretty design!

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