3 Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Hello Ladies,

With age and lack of care, your teeth will get darker and darker-however, with the right home remedies, you can start whitening your teeth in an amazing and cheap way from the comfort of your home. Considering the economical crises and the dental prices, not many of us can really go and spend thousands of dollars on teeth whitening-especially when home remedies work as good as dental products do. Below I am about to show you all 3 of the best home remedies you can find on the Web- which are proven to be effective and without side effects on your teeth.

3 Teeth Whitening Home Remedies Teeth Whitening-Home Remedy Number 1: 

Strawberries contain an enzyme called lactic acid which is found in  whitening toothpastes. This indicates that strawberries can whiten your teeth fast. You can make a paste out of strawberries or take its juices and apply it all over your teeth. Keep it there for few minutes then brush them good with toothpaste. Or you can rub strawberries on your teeth for few minutes -both way works perfectly. (Yogurt, Milk and Cheese are teeth whitening home remedies also, they contain lactic acid, same as strawberries. Consider these products as substitutes of strawberries.

Teeth Whitening-Home Remedy Number 2: 

Baking Soda is a very popular home remedy which I believe most of you have heard about it before. I included it here because it is very effective and cheap. I am sure each of us can find some baking soda on the kitchen. Baking soda is an acid neutralizer that helps get rid of all the stains created on your teeth. In a small cup add baking soda, water and salt, rub it all over your teeth and then wash it off with toothpaste. Repeat this twice a week, until your teeth get totally white.

Teeth Whitening-Home Remedy Number 3: 

Lemon Juice- contains a pH of 2.3, which means the lower the pH, the higher the acid. Therefore when using the lemon juice remedy, make sure not to apply it directly on your teeth. Add some water and brush your teeth with the juice-this way it is safe and very effective.


23 thoughts on “3 Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

  1. I've read about using strawberries in teeth whitening a week ago. I've been seeing a lot of post regarding teeth whitening lately. XD These are really simple, thanks a lot for all the tips! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing these.. The strawberry one is really effecting.. I hate doing the baking soda one because of the taste.. cannot do it for long.. :-/
    <3 giglove

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