Nail Art *Smiley face* Tutorial

Hello Girls,

I am super excited to share this tutorial with you. when i decide i will do “smiley faces” art i never knew i will fall in love with this simple yet adorable nails. I am not creating tutorial for the art i have already done. What i prefer is trying something new so while trying i click 🙂 and i am not sure of the final result. but this one made me fall in love with it self.

I am cutting the crap, and starting to write my tutorial 🙂


The main color i used is Power Red by maybelline. 
1- Paint all your fingers except ring finger RED. Paint yellow on your ring finger.
2- Take any light pink color n using a tooth pick draw random dots (called polka dots). I painted random polka dots on my thumb and pinky (little finger).
3- On my index finger, using white polish n tooth pick i drew a circle and filled it with white paint. draw random polka dots while you are waiting your white polish to dry. Once white is dried, fill it with yellow paint n drew eyes n smile using black paint.
4- Now Ring finger, i painted it yellow. using my tooth pick n black polish i drew 2 lines to represent eyes and then drew an arch n filled it with red to create a smiley face like look.

5- About middle finger. u can draw polka dots as well. but i decided to make it more lively. i drew some yellow flowers roughly.  Now its upto you. you can fill the nail either ways u want. some ideas :
  • draw polka dots using same light pink shade
  • draw leaves using your green paint
  • using it your black paint, give your flowers a little definition.
Random polka dots on thumb and pinky
Smiley face and polka dots on index finger
Smiley face on ring finger
Flowers and polka dots on middle finger
Flowers, leaves and polka dots on middle finger
Flowers, leaves and polka dots on middle finger with black outlines

That’s it girls. 🙂 To check my other tutorials Click here

I will categorized this tutorial as EASY and it will suit more on long nails. what do you say? are you ready for some medium and difficult level tutorials ?

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial let me know in the comments below if there is any design or tutorial or pattern you would like me to share. and if you try this design please share your art with me. I will love to see yours 🙂


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