So laque Ultra Shine nail enamel – Fuchisa Hype

About the product : 

Twice as much vinyl for intensely lacquered nails with absolute shine!

The formula is enriched with twice as much vinyl and a complex of highly reflective resins for ultra shiny nails with a long-lasting hold. The fixing agent in the formula keeps your nails supple, ultra shiny and highly resistant for up to 7 days hold. With a range of pure, lacquered shades there is no need for sparkles or shimmer, just smooth, shiny and purely colourful nails.

Tips : For longer-lasting shine and hold, don’t forget to apply the Fixant Brillant top coat.
Color after one thin coat – Fuchisa Hype

Color after second coat – Fuchisa Hype

Review :

I love nail paints and bourjois have amazing range of paint which i m absolutely in love with. I won this enamel in Bourjois Contest. so, here is my short review on how i find this polish.

This is a nice creamy, shiny and easy to use polish that does give a laquer-like finish after two coats. The product applies very easily without streaking (such a blessing!) and the coverage is good. I find that one layer is in some cases enough if you apply slowly, but usually I prefer to do two thin layers.
It’s really shiny so great for those days when you are rushing to get ready and don’t have time to apply a top coat!  It doesn’t chip at all but it does wear off at the tips rather fast.

They are so shiny because there is twice as much vinyl and highly reflective resins in the formula as the average polish, this also helps the polish to hold for up to 7 days.
Overall, i am in love with this shade. So laque Ultra Shine nail enamel costs PKR 800 and can be purchased from any leading stores in pakistan. You can also buy these online from or

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